Spin Cycle records is a full-service recording studio and early-career navigation hub for Hip-Hop and R&B artists in the Cleveland area. Our baseline offerings include top-of-the-line recording equipment and production skills made available at affordable rates, but our mission and values speak to a much larger vision. With authenticity as the driving force behind our efforts, the spirit of Spin Cycle Records lies within our desire to elevate and support the creative soul of the Hip-Hop and R&B community in Cleveland and throughout the Midwest. 






Raised in Cleveland Heights, Simon’s passion for music first found a home in the local Music Settlement program, where under the mentorship of native Cleveland musicians, his talents and love for the craft were carefully nurtured. He finished high school with classes in Jazz from Tri-C under his belt, and with an insatiable drive to expand and evolve his musical style, Simon left Cleveland for New York City. Here, he attended The New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music and immersed himself in the culture of the city. With a taste of what the world had to offer, Simon headed to Europe, where he toured the ins and outs of the continent to self-fund the making and release of a Jazz album with the artist Jochem. After the tour, Simon headed back to NYC and tapped into his love for live instrumental Hip-Hop by starting the band NY Laundry.

With Cleveland on his mind, Simon returned home to finish his education at Tri-C and to take advantage of the unique opportunities only his hometown could afford. With the culmination of his talent, drive, and invaluable experience, he opened Spin Cycle with the goal of not only becoming a premier Hip-Hop and R&B label, but to serve Cleveland and beyond.



Audio & Production Engineer

Self-taught on guitar at the age of 10, Giles first used music as an escape and method of self-expression. Wanting to expand his knowledge and professional experience, Giles engaged with Art Works, a Cleveland youth group that initiated his involvement in the local music scene. With artists like Jimi Hendrix and The Red Hot Chili Peppers serving as his source of inspiration, he assembled the alternative rock band Lack of Focus while in high school, for which he played the role of guitarist and lead vocalist. 

After graduation and the disbanding of Lack of Focus, Giles turned his attention and talents into the culmination of Downhill Collective; a group of local hip-hop artists who he not only performed with, but also served as the creative director for the group. Moving on to college at Tri-C, Giles continued to develop his musical style and began to explore the world of Hip-Hop production. Here, he currently majors in Recording Arts and Technology, which has afforded him the opportunity to work within Cleveland’s major venues. Under the management of LiveNation, Giles received invaluable practical experience in concert set up and audio engineering. He strives to make the highest quality material for Spin Cycle and it’s artists, constantly searching for ways to integrate music from around the world.



Creative Director & Founder of Permanent Press

As an artist at heart with a diverse background in mixed media and marketing, Ellie brings her acute eye for detail and design to Spin Cycle’s table. As a graduate of interdisciplinary studies in design at UMGC, Ellie has worked as a creative designer for shops in Chicago as well as commission work for various artists and professionals across the country. 

Ellie found her passion for art and design at a very young age. She spent much of her time in high school honing her artistry in studio drawing, painting, and photography classes. After high school, Ellie then went on to study the principles of art and design in Rome, Italy, eventually moving to Chicago, Illinois to pursue art studies and gain real life experience working in her desired field. There she primarily focused on graphic design, while also refining her skills working with fashion designers and on film sets as a published photographer. Seeing the opportunities and family that awaited her in Cleveland that a major city couldn’t afford, Ellie made the move from Chicago with her cat Chicken, and is proud to call this weird and magical city her home base. Ellie strives to create functional designs that are practical and inclusive, and explore the endless opportunities that art and design offer and ultimately connect us all. 



Audio & Production Engineer

Dorian, also known as L8niteSasuke, is a Cleveland native with vast musical talent and a sincere dedication to serving his hometown. As an up and coming musician and producer, Dorian uses his music as an outlet for self-expression and as a gateway to creating meaningful connections through creative collaboration. With a love for a variety of genres, anything from Hip-Hop and R&B to funk and EDM, Dorian’s passion for creating music extends to all styles. Serving as a mixing engineer and a songwriter, he will help any artist curate a sound they can feel proud of. 

When he isn’t performing, Dorian is busy working on his many side ventures, all of which revolve around giving back to Cleveland. He currently works with the organization Safer Heights, which is dedicated to improving upon the city and protecting its people. He also works with Flower Power, a local, multi-media event that showcases and uplifts talented women in Cleveland, has raised money for SC4K to get haircuts for kids, and is currently working on a mini food show, Bites!, to highlight diverse, local restaurants in Cleveland.



Chief Copywriter of Permanent Press

With a love for writing and film that began in her early childhood, Gabbi spent the majority of her adolescence either in front of a TV screen or behind the pages of a good book. A Michigan native, Gabbi later ventured to Chicago, where she'd graduate with a bachelor's in screenwriting from Columbia College Chicago. Here she spent 6 years working on set, developing scripts, and creating content for a local shop.

At Spin Cycle, Gabbi's astute and poetic voice aim to help us better express ourselves and our values. Her invaluable copy experience brings unique articulation to the table that allows any and every voice to be heard and understood.  



Office Administrator

Currently serving as Spin Cycle’s booking agent and office administrator, Phil brings a unique perspective to the table outside of a musician’s mindset. With a background of live comedy performance and as the current president of Downhill Collective, his enriching presence is an immense asset to Spin Cycle. As a current law student at UA, Phil aims to use his vast knowledge and legal guidance to aid in the production of some damn good music. 

As an invested member of his community, Phil is dedicated to looking out for all those around him. Serving as a key member of Safer Heights, a local Cleveland organization that focuses on improving upon the city and protecting its people, he tirelessly works to enact positive change and to ensure voices are heard while doing so. 



Founder of Cleveland Music Publishing

Holding degrees in Urban Social Management and Urban Cultural Creation from Yokohama National University in Japan, Carlton is accustomed to interacting with people from a variety of international cultures. Whether living as a foreign student, working in Tokyo’s entertainment industry, or teaching English to people of all ages, Carlton found music to be a powerful tool in connecting with others.

He returned to his hometown of Cleveland in 2020 and is eager to use his experience and expertise to provide Spin Cycle with both domestic and international connections through music publishing.